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The Never-Ending Search for True Love
By Martina Bexte, February 2006

True Love TarotIt's complicated, maddening, sorrowful, elusive, frustrating, dizzying, fun, fascinating, tragic, adventurous, doomed, and soul-stirring. There are as many words that describe love as there are great love stories. Anthony and Cleopatra ruled continents but couldn't rule their own hearts. Tristan and Isolde's adolescent love was doomed from the moment their gazes locked. Romeo and Juliet's feelings for each other were so profound that neither chose to live without the other. And Czar Nicholas and his Alexandra loved until their brutal end at the hands of revolutionaries.

While these historical/mythical examples take the trials of true love to the extreme, finding it in the ordinary world can be just as difficult. Our busy lives often leave little room for finding romance, let alone for nurturing existing relationships. Most of us need all the help we can get, so if Dr. Phil's advice just isn't working for you, here's some additional reading to shed light on the subject - that might ultimately put the 'L' word right back at the top of your vocabulary.

In Baby, It's You: What You Can Do to Find True Love, successful matchmaker Heather Hill applies her years of experience to offer honest advice on how anyone can find a lasting romantic relationship - even those who believe that 'all the goods ones are taken'.

Elle romance columnist E. Jean Carroll lists four rules for catching a man in Mr. Right, Right Now! : How a Smart Woman Can Land Her Dream Man in 6 Weeks - be happy, look good, go where the guys are, and just do it. She discusses ways today's contemporary woman can find a man, and offers a six-week plan to 'catch your guy'.

Daphne Rose Kingma's 101 Ways To Have True Love In Your Life advises on how to find, keep, and foster what nearly every one of us desires - true love. She discusses principles of 'Loving Yourself', 'Preparing for Love', and 'Psychology and Understanding of Love'. She explains how to 'Communicate with the Person You Love', as well as how 'Stoking the Fire' can keep love strong.

Love Me or Go To HellOn a lighter note, Love Me or Go To Hell: True Love Cartoons contains two hundred cartoons created by Donna Barstow, Liza Donnelly, Anne Gibbons, Stephanie Piro and Lynn Williams. Each presents her singular perspective on the subject as well as humorous quotations like: 'He looked like my father and sounded like my mother. Was that so wrong?'; 'I picked him up here a couple of nights ago, but he's the wrong size. Do you accept returns or refunds?'; 'You're in shoe sales? Say no more. I'm yours!'

Does your love life need a little help from the stars? Then check out Chinese Love Signs: Using the Secrets of the Ancient Chinese Zodiac to Find True Love by L.A. Justice. Whether you're a romantic Rat, a balanced Ox, a dynamic Dragon, or a wild and witty Monkey, use this book as your guide on the road to romance.

In The True Love Tarot : Secrets of Dating, Mating and Relating, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber ask that you concentrate on a dating, mating or relating question, pull a Tarot card from the deck, and let Farber's accompanying, 176-page illustrated guidebook give perceptive advice on finding love or improving a current relationship.

We all need to eat, right? Well, according to well known psychiatrist and researcher Alan R. Hirsch, 'a couple's individual food preferences are among the most reliable indicators of whether their relationship will be ice cold, lukewarm or sizzling hot'. He discusses all aspects of his provocative theory in What's Your Food Sign? : How to Use Food Cues to Find True Love. The book includes quizzes, questionnaires, and compatibility charts based on food preferences, from ice cream and snacks to spices and drinks. Who knows, your own true love might just be one Big Mac away!

Boomer's Guide to Online DatingHave you reached the age where hanging out in bars and all the other typical singles haunts just doesn't appeal any more? Then try the The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating : Date With Dignity by Judsen Culbreth. Whether you're an online dating newbie or need a refresher course to boost your confidence, Culbreth guides you through the practical aspects of this current craze, as well as helping you avoid its pitfalls.

Okay, so you already have the man or woman of your dreams and want to make this Valentines Day really special. How about a romantic getaway? Here are a few books that will help you choose the right destination.

Katharine D. Dyson's 100 Best Romantic Resorts of the World is chock full of some of the world's best - but not necessarily the most expensive - resorts, hotels, and inns. Each location was chosen for its romantic aura, relaxing ambience, and exemplary service. There's even a section on how to find specialized romantic destinations, including a romantic safari, romance along with tennis, a private pool or fireplace - and lots, lots more!

The Romantic Weekend Getaways series by Larry Fox and Barbara Radin-Fox steers you to locations providing everything from gentle mountains or quaint villages to intimate restaurants, lavish mansions, and eclectic museums. The simple to use, theme-based format highlights scenery, city activities, sports, shopping, the arts, as well as addresses, price ranges, and special features. All you need to do is make reservations!

100 Best Romantic Resorts in the WorldThey say home is where the heart is, so if you and your mate prefer to get romantic in your moderately priced duplex, then Liya Lev Oertel's 52 Romantic Evenings can help spice up your love life. She offers a year's worth of romance-filled evenings, covering locations, attire, food, drink, music, décor, tips on surprising your partner, saving (or splurging) money, coping with children and busy schedules, and acting romantic. For example, try 'Love by Chocolate' to validate a passion for chocolate while indulging your passion for each other. 'Recreate Your First Date' encourages you and your lover to relive that special event. Or 'Create a Tribute to Aphrodite' by inviting your love goddess or god to join you at a 'feast for the senses fit for the gods.'

May Cupid Be With You ... Happy Valentines Day!!

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