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Star Wars Trivia Quiz
by Josephine Anna Kaszuba Locke, May 2005

Revenge of the SithLike countless other avid Star Wars fans, I've just read James Luceno's Labyrinth of Evil and Matthew Woodring Stover's Revenge of the Sith (a film adaptation) in preparation for George Lucas's Star Wars Episode III movie, which I'll be lining up to see on May 19th, 2005. Just for fun, I've put together a quiz (based on the original trilogy and Luceno's and Stover's recent books) for fellow readers of the series, and fans of the movies. Move your cursor over the yellow buttons to check answers ...

a bacta tank   What medical device is typically used to treat injured Jedi and others back to health?

Invisible Hand   Name the Trade Federation flagship on which Viceroy Nute Gunray traveled.

Jango Fett   Name the famed Bounty Hunter, on whom the clones were modeled.

a walking chair   The mechno-chair is also known by another adjective; what is it?  

lightsabers   What does General Grievous collect?

a ziggurat   The Jedi Temple was the Force of energy in the Republic. What design was it based on?

Shmi   Name Anakin's mother.

Watto   Name the slave master of Anakin and his mother on Tatooine.

Episode IV   In which Episode did Han Solo and Chewbacca make their appearance?

a gimer stick   What kind of walking stick does Master Yoda use?

a hover chair   What kind of chair does Master Yoda use?

Anakin   Who originally built C-Threepio?

Mos Espa   Anakin (Annie) was the first human to win the Podraces. This was a favorite spectator sport of which citizens?

Qui-Gon Jinn   Who was Master to Padawan Obi-Wan?

Naboo   Of which planet was Padme Amidala Queen?

Senator   What position did Padme subsequently take?

Palpatine   Who served as Padme's ambassador when she was Queen?

Tatooine   Where did Anakin and Luke Skywalker both spend their youth?

Millennium Falcon   Name Han Solo's Corellian freighter.

Utapau   Where did the duel between Obi-Wan and Grievous take place?
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