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Something New
By Hilary S. Daninhirsch

Something new is on my plate;
Mom says that it tastes so great.

Just in case I don't agree,
I inspect it carefully.

I'm not sure what to expect
Of this food I might reject.

It's nothing like I've ever seen:
It's brown and white and slightly green.

Mom worked hard to make this dish.
Is it meat or is it fish?

Maybe it's a vegetable.
That is unacceptable!

Mom is standing over me
Waiting quite expectantly.

Time's run out, my fork is raised.
Hope this earns me lots of praise!

I do not know what I just ate.
Was it bad or was it great?

Maybe I'll try one more bite
Just so I can be polite.

Note: The author, Hilary S. Daninhirsch, retains all rights to this poem.

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