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January 2012:
Here's the real skinny on what truly goes on in our furry little heads ...

I probably shouldn't share this information, but I just finished a really funny book that gives an inside glimpse into what creatures of my persuasion really think. Yes, we DO actually engage in deep thought occasionally!

The Daredevil Book for Cats: What Cats Really Think! (Chartwell Books. 9780785825760) by Nick Griffiths is narrated by Prince Cuddles, but he much prefers to be called Al. Al is quite a raconteur and loves sharing his exciting adventures and sage views on felinehood. (I just made that word up!)

As he states in the book's introduction, Al lives by the cat doctrine which states: 'Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, so the world revolves around us.' (I have to say Amen! to that!)

Illustrated by David Mostyn, this clever book contains over sixty short sections with tantalizing titles like If Cats Ruled the World, (Hmm, I thought we did!), Cat Horoscopes, How to Avoid Being Neutered (wish I had read this one a long time ago!), Why Do Humans Keep Tripping Over Us? and Cats in Fashion.

You'll also find The Ten Commandments of Cats ('It's OK to kill, provided the creature you're killing is smaller than you and defenseless. No sense taking risks') as well as information on how to catch a mouse ('Wear camouflage and always carry cheese.')

Daredevil Book for CatsThere are also some educational sidebars on Famous Cats in History, Things for Cats to Build and Games Cats Can Play. Listed under Some Famous Ships' Cats you'll find Lardy, Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson's companion; Leopold who sailed on the ill-fated HMS Bounty ; and Blackbeard's mangy, old black cat Dave who was indecorously tossed overboard. Dave floated towards the Bahamas on some driftwood while his owner was dispatched by the English Navy!

From a feline's perspective I didn't find everything in this book amusing or totally correct, but Al does have his moments. I have to admit that I did cough up a hairball or two because I was laughing so hard and my person said the book was a hoot. (What it has to do with owls I don't know but he does use some odd terminology!)

I should also warn you that quite a few British expressions find their way into the narrative. The use of words like bloke, moggy, mates, git, yeggs, stripey jumper, twonk, and tetchy lead me to believe that Al is one of the Queen's loyal subjects. Either that or he's just showing off!

Overall, though, I have to give this book three paws up (or four claws out!) for it does offer some insights that might help cat people better fathom the intricacies of their furry, four footed mate's behavior.
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