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Sammy's Shelf
February 2015:
Be very careful with this book ...

When I saw Real Food for Cats: 50 Vet-Approved Recipes to Please the Feline Gastronome (Storey. ISBN: 9781580174091) by Patti Delmonte, I was totally intrigued by the idea of gourmet kitty fare. Wow, what a concept! I mean what cat wouldn't love a meal especially prepared for him or her?

When I opened the book and began paging through it I found the illustrations a stitch! Anne Davis really captured the attitudes kitties can display. The facial expressions were priceless. 'How cool,' I thought!

Then I began reading some of the chapters and looking at the author's culinary suggestions and I suddenly realized something. I am a very finicky eater and there are only some types of treats and dry food I like. Sadly, none of these edibles were mentioned in this book. So, why am I looking at recipes that look delicious but will never stay down? And if I chuck my food back up (as I sometimes do), my person gets really upset with me.

There were recipes here for fish, meat, eggs, chicken and even veggies. There was even a chapter (Tandem Cooking) on how regular people items like Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Paprika or Salmon Loaf can be adjusted for a kitty's dish. Hello! If I had any of these three foods I'd probably be projectile barfing all over the living room. Now isn't that a pretty picture?

The only chapter I found in this book that might work in my household was the one which offered special diets for felines with physical problems. So after I finished skimming through this book, I carefully carried it over to the discard box and buried it toward the bottom of the pile. I don't want my person to even see this book and get some crazy idea I'd like Mackerel Munchies, Chicken and Asparagus Casserole (ick!!) or Kitty Fondue!

ONE MORE THING! Before I bury this book I must also warn you that if you have a more adventurous eater and wish to try some of these recipes, BE SURE to get the most recent (2001) edition of this book. In the first edition the author suggested using onions in some of the recipes ... that's a MAJOR BAD IDEA! Onions can make a kitty very, very sick so don't ever think of using onions in any kitty, gourmet recipe! If you do, both you and your feline companion will be very, very, very sorry!
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