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Sammy's Shelf
April 2014:
What kitties like to do ...

The second I saw this book cover I figured this was going to be a picture book I could really get into. Matilda's Cat (Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781442475274) by Emily Gravett features a little girl all dressed up in a kitty costume, and her cat. There's a list of all the things that Matilda's cat likes to do, like playing with wool, climbing in empty boxes, riding a tricycle, and having a tea party.

Hang on a minute. These are things that Matilda likes to do, not her cat. What kind of a deal is this? I kept turning the pages because I really loved the silly expressions on the little girl's cat's face. Believe me that were RIGHT ON!

Eventually I realized that when she was wearing her cute kitty outfit Matilda was pretending to be her cat, hence the list of silly things that were listed as fun kitty activities. At the end of the book the author did get it right. She did show one thing that Matilda's cat really did like. Oh, you think I'm going to spill the beans and tell you what it was? No, way Jose!

Sometimes humans get a little confused and mistake what cats really like. That's unfortunate because they'll spend good, cash money for stuff we couldn't care less about. My person has bought me all sorts of toys when all I really like to play with is a long peacock feather.

I have a scratching post that I never use but I love the cardboard scratching box I get for Christmas every year from Trader Joe's. My person sprinkles a little dried catnip on it from time to time and then I love ripping the cardboard up and laying my head on it. This makes him happy too because I don't go after the furniture or sharpen by claws on the rug or his shoes. (Well, sometimes I do use the rug but he doesn't know it!)

The coolest thing I enjoy doing, besides sleeping, is sitting next to my person or his wife and getting head scratchies. Oh boy, do I love head scratchies! I'll purr like an expensive air-conditioner when I get head scratchies.

Matilda's Cat is a cute picture book, but just remember kitties like simple things. It doesn't take much to make us happy and content. And when you get it right we'll certainly let you know! Meow!
Sammy shares living quarters with Bob Walch. Not only does Bob provide the basic essentials for this loquacious feline but he occasionally offers editorial assistance. Find more of the Maine Coon's musings at
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