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Opposite Day
By Hilary S. Daninhirsch

      Listen my friend to this story today
      Of what happens each year on Opposite Day.

      The morning begins with the moon in your room.
      If it's snowing outside, the flowers will bloom.

      Come downstairs for dinner first thing in the morning;
      The eggs will unscramble, sometimes without warning.

      On Opposite Day, you will have an excuse
      To drink up your sandwich and munch on your juice.

      Stand in the bathtub or sit in the shower.
      Lemons taste sweet but ice cream is sour.

      On Opposite Day, you might hear a cat bark.
      Your goldfish at home may turn into a shark.

      Put shoes on your hands and gloves on your feet,
      Get into the car and stand on the seat.

      On Opposite Day, the sounds you will hear
      May go in your eyes instead of your ears.

      Do not be surprised if on Opposite Day
      Today is tomorrow and tomorrow's today.

      Just be glad when Opposite Day is all done;
      Instead of the moon, you'll wake up with the sun!

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