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Ditch Those Choo's - Please!
By Martina Bexte, June 2005

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been one to go into quivering ecstasies over the latest designer foot wear. A nice sensible (and sensibly priced) pair of flats have always been just fine with me. Besides, as a confirmed book-a-holic, I'd much rather spend my spare change on the latest Brockmann or Howard.

Hello Gorgeous!Which leaves me wondering, what is it about Jimmy Choo's and Monolo Blahnicks that sends many women, including a myriad of characters in today's romantic fiction, into an overblown Choo frenzy? It couldn't be the price tag; at hundreds a pop you could probably feed a small developing country for a week. And has anyone taken a really good structural look at the things; most of the designs look positively dangerous! You'd have to be a contortionist to actually take a few steps without hurting yourself. Personally, I'd rather walk across the Grand Canyon on a rickety rope bridge than balance on a pair of those stilts. And if you did manage to walk a mile in a pair of Jimmy's Choo's, you'd probably require weekly care from a chiropractor for the rest of your life.

So, all you romance authors out there, how about you Choo's something else for your heroines to go head-over heels for. Hasn't the footwear craze about run its course? These ladies (and romance readers alike) will thank you, and will remain more financially secure knowing that buying a pair of new shoes won't have them struggling to stay upright, and/or teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. It's just as much fun shopping at regular shoe stores, searching out a nice comfortable pair of Reeboks, or some kicky flip-flops, or one or two pairs of still trendy Birkenstocks - or even a nice sensible (and really comfortable) pair of Dr. Scholls - all of them on sale, of course! So, please, ditch those Choo's - Please!
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