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Abraham Merritt
Abraham Merritt's fantasy classics: The Moon Pool, The Metal Monster.
Orson Scott Card's take from perspectives of a tribesman and a future meteorologist.
Baen Free Library
Enjoy SF novels by authors like Mercedes Lackey, Keith Laumer & James Schmitz.
Bronagh's Confessional
A five-piece serialized story by Christian Moerk.
Buddy Tales
Misadventures of a conniving (talking) canine by Mary Ann Smyth.
Casa Mysterioso
A short (mystery) story by Julie Smith, author of The Axeman's Jazz.
Cecelia Holland's On-line Stories
Bone Sky, Troll & The Rose Bush, Heat, Denmark Journal  (select On-line Stories).
Donald Westlake's Short Stories
Stories about the Starship Hopeful, all published by Playboy.
Elizabeth Hoyt
Read a new chapter of The Ice Princess each month in 2009.
Eric Frank Russell
And Then There Were None, first published June 1951, Astounding Science Fiction.
SF short by Peter Watts, author of Starfish, Maelstrom & Behemoth.
How the Icarii Found their Wings
Sara Douglass on the beginnings of the SunSoars (of The Wayfarer Redemption).
J. C. Hutchins
Enjoy 7th Son: Descent in audiobook or PDF format.
Joanne Harris - Stories Online
Chocolat author writes: Gastronomicon, Faith & Hope Go Shopping, Grimm Up North.
Job Interview
A short mystery by Elena Santangelo, author of By Blood Possessed.
Kelley Armstrong's Free Online Fiction
Short stories from the Otherworld, featuring both the adult and YA characters.
Ken Scholes' short fiction online
Read or listen to a variety of short stories, including some from Lamentation's world.
SF short story by Wes Williamson: 'Late - late in the evening Kilmeny came home ...'
Larry Niven's Exclusive Stories and Articles
Many gems including his hilarious take on Superman's procreative challenges.
Little Dead Uglies
A short story by Joshilyn Jackson, author of gods in Alabama.
Melanie Lynne Hauser's Short Stories
Prodigy On Ice, Jumble Pie free e-book, and more - by the author of Super Mom.
Michael Connelly's Lost Chapters
Glimpses into Harry Bosch's past, originally intended for Last Coyote & Angels Flight.
Paul Levine Smashwords
Enjoy a free electronic Solomon & Lord story, Drop Anchor.
Profession by Isaac Asimov
SF grand master takes a look at programmed education vs. original thinking.
A delightful short story be Georgette Heyer, the grand duchess of Regency.
Rafael Sabatini's Uncollected Short Stories
Fool's Love Story, Curate and the Actress, Blackmailer, Wedding Gift, others.
Selected J.A. Konrath Stories: Cleansing, Embrace, Piranha Pool ... The Shed.
Stalin Dreaming
By Ann Harleman, author of Thoreau's Laundry & The Year She Disappeared.
The Scarlet Thread
Earth in conflict with the Tiosan Empire in the 3rd millennium (by Wes Williamson).
The Telepathic Cat
Geriatric tomcat communicates with vacationing human companion (by Darren Zenko).
Enjoy deleted scenes from Naomi Novik's (Napoleonic era) historical fantasy series.
ThrillerChiller Theater 06
Horror shorts by Anne Frasier, Shirley Damsgaard, Mario Acevedo, Martina Bexte.
ThrillerChiller Theater 08
Story by Martina Bexte, Kendra Leigh Castle, Loucinda McGary, Linda Wisdom.
Walter Satterthwait
Mystery shorts - Cassoulet, One of a Kind, The Gold of Mayani.
The Zero Game - deleted chapter
The original 5th chapter of Brad Meltzer's hyperactive thriller, The Zero Game.

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